Portable Toilets, hand wash (sinks), industrial illumination and all restroom solutions!

Construction & Events Sanitation Solutions


About iMExos Consulting group

We offer solutions for the Construction and event sector, from portable lights rechargeable or connectable to Portable Sanitary solutions like Toilets, Urinals, sinks, tanks, toilet deodorizing liquids for all South and Center of Europe.

We also offer Sales Courses specially dedicated to the Portable Sanitation, Sales Audit Process, Portable Restrooms Marketing strategies, Risk and Disaster Management and much more.

Complete Portable Illumination

We offer portable lightning solutions for different conditions

The #1 light for Construction or Portable toilets

Give your employees a convinient space and the possibility to see inside the construction or in their portable toilets, when no public light is possible, keep clean and more secure for your customers with iMEXLight solutions

Portable sanitation consulting

Portable sanitation associations, audits, sale courses, risk and disaster management. 


Our Portable Sanitation PRODUCTS

portable Toilets

Portable restrooms in different colors

Translucent roof, self closing door, accesibles, optional heating, urinal or different surfaces to match your requierments. 

Portable Urinals Sanitation - Orinales Portátiles

portable urinals

Easy transportation private portable urinal

Removable top for easy transportation, single or different group arrangements, user privacy design, and suction cleaning on front or back.

Disasters iMEX-Loo

Lightweight portable toilet for outdoors

Emergency restroom kit for excursions, outdoors, massive people migration, overload events, emergencies or natural catastrophes.

Light for Portable Toilets - Luz baños portátiles

Secure Light Portable Toilets

Led Light + Box for portable restrooms, cabins, tool lockers or garden.

Easy to install, led light with a secure box for the interior of portable toilets, led illumination uses rechargeable batteries easy to replace, keep you WC Clean and More Secure.

Construction Light - Luz para obras - Arquitectura

Led light for construction

Robust led light for construction “connectable”

Powerful led light almost undestructable, specially made for construction fields, engineering, architects and buildings that need illumination while working.

Sanitation deck- Totem para desinfectante

sanitazer totem for stores

Detachable totem and deck for disinfectant  

Keep you employees and clients hand clean with this portable totem column for desinfectant, gloves and all the COVID-19 precautions.

toilet trailers

Mobile bathroom on wheels in different sizes

Flexible use with customizable interior, wall mounted toilet, led illumination, industrial floor, shower or urinals. 

full range of deodorizers

Portable toilet reliable odors neutralizer

Water soluble colorant eliminates odors and is available in Cherry, Bubble Gum, Mulberry, Exotic, Lemon, Lavender or Peppermint.

Vacuum service units

Vacuum pump various models 

Wide range of tank sizes to pump portable toilets, urinals or septic tanks, several performance levels, flexible configurations, chasis mountings, level indicators and more.  


We’ve got Your Covered

More than 20 years working on the portable sanitation industry has got us the experience your looking as your best sanitation advisors, either to buy restrooms for your events, creating a fleet of cabins for your clients or as a provider for the best quality sanitation resourses. 

Emergency sanitation Advisory

What happens when a disaster occurs?, consultancy about the answer to all the questions about how to give a correct response to these risk or disaster.

Sales & purchases of portable toilets rental companies

We advice the best companies in the market for their sanitation direction, expansion projects or change of direction.

Baños Portátiles - WC - eventos o contrucción

exclusive portable provider in south europe and middle east

Get one of the most solid, modern and high quality portable toilets in Europe, we partnership with the best quality producers with ISO 9001 certification. 

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